Kevin Stewart

The majority of my experience is in designing, building and releasing Web applications, services and Internet-enabled desktop applications. My teams have ranged as small as 3 up to an entire development organization of 45 people. As a manager, I am experienced in leading cross-functional teams of front-end Web developers, software engineers, testers and operations engineers.

Adobe - Seattle, WA (2004 - present)

Sr. Engineering Manager

My current team is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud organization. We designed and built the content storage Web application using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I provided the initial design and architecture for our HTTP API, which is consumed by the Web application as well as the Adobe Touch Apps.

We continue to work on new features and complementary applications and services that will allow you to store, share and collaborate on your creative work.

Previously, I led the development of a Web service for storing, searching and manipulating metadata, specifically Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) and Resource Description Framework (RDF). Also managed a distributed software development team that built application management technologies for the Creative Suite and Acrobat which included the development of a domain specific language (DSL) and compiler for installers on Windows and Macintosh OS X.

Comet Systems - New York, NY (2002 - 2004)

Comet Systems was the creator of the Comet Cursor, Comet and Starware search toolbars and Comet was acquired by Miva and has been rebranded Alot.

Director of Engineering

Led a software development team focused on building connected desktop consumer software. Principal architect for the core client runtime, Javascript framework and download manager application to more reliably download and install client applications.

Passlogix - New York, NY (2001 - 2002)

Passlogix was a leading provider of enterprise single sign-on solutions (ESSO) that was acquired by Oracle.

Director of Engineering

Co-developer of the initial prototype of the v-GO product, primarily the credential storage management and credential insertion components. Led engineering teams for the v-GO product line (v-GO Exchange and the flaship, v-GO SSO). Principal architect for:

Red Sky Interactive - New York, NY (2000 - 2001)

Red Sky Interactive was an interactive agency that was merged into

Director of Systems Development

Recruited the entire Systems Development staff for the New York office (Software Engineering, Operations, Information Architecture, Web Development and Quality Assurance) and managed its growth to the second largest technology team in the company in less than one year.

Developed a multiplatform (Windows/ASP and Solaris/Java 2, Enterprise Edition) technology strategy for the New York office providing the Business Development team a means to pursue additional clients.

Designed and implemented content management systems (CMS) and backends for Altoids, Nikon USA, Prudential, Slim Jim and Texaco.

Led re-engineering effort for a luxury retail startup,

Brand Dialogue - New York, NY (1997 - 2000)

Brand Dialogue was the interactive agency for Young and Rubicam Advertising in New York.

Technical Director

Hands-on technical lead for a small team of backend Web developers. Designed and implemented content management systems (CMS) and backends for: