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Join My Team!

At the Adobe MAX 2011 Conference, the project that my team and I have been working on for the past year was announced. The Adobe Creative Cloud is a new cloud service that is currently in beta and will be launching as a subscription-based service in 2012. Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to access your creative files from anywhere, view them on virtually any device and share or present them to anyone.

Our team has been responsible for two key components of the service. The first is the Creative Cloud API that provides a uniform interface to all of the capabilities of the Creative Cloud. Every client of the service uses this API, including the Adobe Touch App family and the second component of the service my team is responsible for: the Creative Cloud Web application.

The Web application is a Javascript application that uses Backbone.js to provide a client-side MVC framework. It was built by two developers on the team who worked closely with our API team. Now, that the beta has launched we have a ton of new features to build and deploy and are looking for two more great designer-developers to join the team.

There are 7 people on the team right now that report directly to me. The team is split in two: the API team and the Web app team. Our team culture is mostly based on ROWE - Results Only Work Environment. We treat you like an adult (I am the last person who will micro-manage anybody) and expect that you want to do great work. We use Pivotal Tracker to prioritize and track our work and Git at the core of our development workflow (soon, GitHub Enterprise). And yes, we all code in TextMate.

Pretty much everyone on the team, myself included, works on Apple MacBook Pros and deploys to Amazon Web Services EC2 instances running Ubuntu. We continuously deploy with the help of Jenkins and treat our infrastructure as code thanks to Puppet.

All of this is to say that we use current tools and practices to help our team build an awesome app quickly and stay productive. We spent time up front getting our toolchain and automation in place so that we could spend the rest of our time building a great service. While we occasionally have to go back and rework things, we see that as a good thing. If something is no longer working for us, we change it. No sacred cows here.

So, if you are a frontend engineer looking to be part of the next generation of creative tools and services from Adobe come join my team! We’re all co-located in the Adobe Seattle office located in Fremont, The Center of the Universe. I have two positions open currently:

  1. Computer Scientist - Web Applications
  2. Computer Scientist - Web Applications

Note: You need to have some form of online portfolio of your previous work. It can be actual paid work for an employer or your own side projects, but you must have something we can look at to even get called in for an interview.

If we like your style, we’ll bring you in for an initial two-hour interview where you will work on a small project. We don’t necessarily expect you to complete the project. We just want to see how you approach it. If that goes well, we may bring you in for another interview to get a feel for whether or not you’d be a good fit for the team. Hopefully, you’ll be considering whether we’re a good fit for you.

I’m not trying to sell you on how great the Adobe Creative Cloud is or even how great Adobe is. I just know that after spending a year on this project, I’ve never been as engaged on a project as I have on this one. My team is awesome and the goals we’re trying to achieve are insane, but absolutely worthwhile. It’s rare when you get to work in a startup-like environment in a company as large as Adobe. And, when you have the ability to fundamentally change the culture there is no greater feeling.

Plus, we have new members of the family! I’ve recently started working with the Typekit team and they are awesome! I have yet to start working with the Nitobi team, but I can’t wait to see how we can integrate PhoneGap:Build. Then, things will start to get real!

If this has piqued your interest, please apply using one of the links above or contact me via Twitter or email me at kstewart at my company dot com.

Let’s get creative.